Yorktown, VA Material Recovery Facility

The York County site was a new development on property acquired from York County. This project began with a site assessment to determine the suitability for this operation. Once wetland areas were identified, site soils sampled and groundwater quality examined, the project was cleared to proceed. We developed new road access to the property and a new utility supply was designed for the project area. We worked closely with the building contractor and the Patina Group to set the building location on the 10 acres site and develop the necessary grades. Kevin Humphrey with Patina prepared the architectural design and worked with the building fabricator to develop a MRF that met the client’s needs. Joyce designed the stormwater management facilities, potable water supply, and sanitary sewer connections for the new facility. We also developed the landscaping plan in accordance with York County requirements. Stormwater from the site was routed through existing channels to an existing stormwater basin. We developed designs to upgrade this basin, raising the embankment and adding forebays at stormwater entry points into the pond.