Louisa County, VA (ClosureTurf™ System)

When it came time for Louisa County to construct a final closure cap on their 14-acre, unlined sanitary landfill in Mineral, Virginia, they turned to Joyce Engineering to provide them with options. The County wanted to reduce the operating costs associated with maintaining natural grass cover, repairing slope erosion, and removing silt in stormwater ditches and sediment basins.

Joyce Engineering designed and permitted an innovative, first in Virginia, artificial turf cap system that met the County’s needs and offered several long-term economic advantages.

  • First, the artificial turf system allowed an additional 45,000 cy of waste to be placed within the permitted airspace.
  • Second, the County estimates an annual savings of $100,000/year on maintenance because there will be no mowing and minimal slope erosion repair or sediment removal in stormwater ditches and sediment basins.
  • Third, since the closure area side slopes are already lined with 50-mil LLDPE geomembrane, there will be savings on future piggyback expansion lining.
The end result was an aesthetically pleasing, uniformly green, low-maintenance closure cap surface that is warranted for 20 years. This project was completed in February 2015.

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