CRSWMA – New Bern, NC

Joyce Engineering, Inc. has served the Coastal Regional Solid Waste Management Authority (CRSWMA) located in New Bern, NC since 2001. CRSWMA began operating the Tuscarora MSW and C&D Landfill in 1993. In addition, CRSWMA operates the Newport and Grantsboro transfer stations. For the past 15 years JOYCE has provided Engineering, operations, design, permitting, training and Construction phase services to CRSWMA. During this time CRSWMA has built 2 disposal cells totaling 30 acres, and completed partial closure on 10 acres of disposal cells.

Joyce has designed and operated the landfill gas collection system and assisted with the development of a 6 megawatt gas to electricity facility. Currently Joyce is permitting the next expansion phase totaling 15 acres and construction is expected during 2018. This landfill manages approximately 200,000 tons/year of MSW and C&D waste.

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