A long-standing tradition of providing exemplary service

Joyce Engineering has its beginnings in 1983 in the , Southern West Virginia home of L.E. “Butch” Joyce and his wife, Judy. As a true entrepreneurial start-up company , Butch focused on client relations and engineering while Judy took care of finance and administration. Joyce Engineering began as a landfill operations management company, and the business began to grow quickly.

By 1992 they relocated to Richmond, Virginia, where demand for their services was consistently increasing. Over the next fifteen years, the business developed into the full-service engineering consulting firm we are today; with regional offices in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

The full-service engineering consulting firm includes unique and outstanding environmental services team. With this specialized group, we have become leaders in site characterization for proposed landfills, environmental monitoring and remediation of environmental impacts caused by landfilling activities.

Today, Joyce Engineering provides engineering and environmental consulting services as well as operator training and construction management services to local governments, private municipal solid waste operators, regional waste authorities, and private industrial operators.