Other Courses

CCR Landfill Operations – CCRLF

As coal generation continues, utilities are faced with increased storage and handling of coal combustion residuals. This course is intended to give new and current landfill operators and managers, utility personnel involved with coal ash storage, and secondary coal ash beneficiation market users knowledge of how to properly store and manage coal combustion residuals in landfills. Attendees will immediately be able to apply their knowledge of coal ash landfill management to their everyday operations for coal combustion residuals storage and handling. Course offering ranges from a one day, 8-hour, continuing education course through a 3.5 day Landfill Manager Course, depending on state requirements and operator’s needs.

Learning outcomes include:
• Identify what coal ash and coal combustion products are
• Address the requirements of coal ash landfill management
• Discuss current and future regulatory and permitting issues
• Characterize siting and site specifications and requirements
• Compare and contrast design and permitting of coal ash landfills
• Analyze construction techniques and practices
• Determine proper equipment needs and uses
• Prepare strategies for coal ash landfill storage and handling

Transfer Station Operations – XFRO

This 1 or 2-day class is designed to improve operation of municipal solid waste transfer stations. Topics include transfer station regulations and inspections, siting and design, equipment and facility maintenance, administrative issues, incoming waste monitoring, and transfer station safety.

Certified Compost Program Manager – CCMPM

This course combines field and classroom training. During the field exercises, attendees will learn sampling methods and procedures by operating the equipment needed to sample and analyze compost quality, stability and many other parameters. Classroom time will cover composting regulations, microbiology, processes, monitoring and control, feedstock characterization, compost recipe development, systems and technologies, equipment, site selection, facility design, odor management, stormwater control and more.

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