The instructor was very knowledgeable about source material, and taught in such a way that it was easily understood. I cannot wait to come back for another class.
A Class Participant

North Carolina Training Courses

Certified Landfill Manager – NCLFM

This Course is approved as a 28-hour course that includes a 4-hour field exercise. The CEU requirement is 30 hours every three years. The course is designed for persons who have responsibility for management of MSW landfill facilities in the state, and includes instruction in landfill site characteristics, design and permitting, operations, safety, trends, site operations, administration, plus other timely topics. North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) requires that all MSWLF’s have a manager with this certification or an approved equivalent.

Certified Landfill Operator – NCLFO

This course is North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) approved as a 9-hour course with a 10-hour CEU requirement every three years. This course is designed with the on-site operator in mind, and includes instruction in landfill operations, safety, environmental compliance, landfill basics, and design and permitting. NCDEQ requires that each MSWLF have a person on site with a manager’s certification (or equivalent), or a person with an operator’s certification (or equivalent) at all times when the site is open. C&D landfills are also required to have a certified on-site operator (or equivalent), or a certified landfill manager (or equivalent) on site when the site is open.

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