Helping clients and communities to breathe easy

With our comprehensive range of landfill gas services, our clients can be confident that we will consistently provide the sound solutions to meet the latest regulations. Our team of engineers and environmental scientists provides a full scope of landfill gas services, including permitting, modeling, monitoring, field-testing, reporting, remediation and operations.

For solid waste facilities from which emissions are being produced, we have the capabilities to gather information of those emissions and interpret that data. Our engineers can then develop recommendations and plans to meet local, state and federal standards. In addition, through our monitoring and testing services, owners can be confident that those standards remain intact during operations of the project.

Landfill Gas Services Include:

Design & Permitting

  • Landfill Gas Collection and Control System Design
  • Landfill Gas Management Plans (Subtitle D requirements)
  • Landfill Gas Remediation Plans (Subtitle D requirements)
  • Minor NSR and Title V Permit Applications.


  • Landfill Gas Boundary Probe Monitoring
  • Landfill Gas Sampling and Characterization
  • NSPS Surface Emissions Monitoring
  • NSPS Extraction Well Monitoring
  • On-Site Structure Monitoring


  • Emissions Calculations and Reporting
  • Initial Design Capacity Report
  • Initial Performance Testing and Reporting for open flares
  • NSPS Operating Report
  • Tier I NMOC Emissions Report
  • Tier 2 NMOC Field Testing and Emission Report
  • Title V Emissions Report


  • Construction Quality Assurance Services During System Installation
  • Design of Cost Effective Remediation Measures, Both Passive and Active
  • Odor Assessment and Mitigation
  • Pilot Testing and System Performance Evaluation


  • Operations and Maintenance Plan Development
  • Operations and Maintenance Services for Active Landfill Gas Systems
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Well Field Tuning