Ensuring the health and wellness of our natural resources.

Environmental concerns are among the most important considerations in any area of civil engineering. Compliance with regulatory standards at every level is paramount to the success of every project, as well as the safety, health and general wellbeing of the communities being served. Naturally, we take all of this very seriously.

Our team of environment scientists, geologists and hydrogeologists provide a full spectrum of services that enable our clients to meet the most current regulatory standards. Through intensive field monitoring and lab testing, we determine whether there is a threat of contamination of surface water, groundwater or air quality. If so, we characterize the contamination by identifying its nature and extent. Then, our engineering team develops a design solution to address and abate the problem.

Environmental Services Include:

  • Characterization & Delineation of Contaminated Media
  • Data Validation and Evaluation
  • Design, Construction and Operations & Maintenance Oversight for Remediation Services
  • Evaluation and Selection of Remedial Technologies
  • Geophysical Services
  • Groundwater, Surface Water, Soil and Air Sampling
  • Hydrogeologic Studies
  • Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control (SPCC) Plan Development
  • Wetlands Permitting and Mitigation